PWF2020 Frequently asked questions

How will my lessons be scheduled?

The schedule will be published on our website a week before the start of the course, taking into consideration your time zone for maximum comfort!

Will I be able to view as many masterclasses as I want?

Yes! You are welcome to view as many as you like.

If I miss a lecture can I watch it afterwards?

Yes! Lectures will be posted in the archive found in the members’ area of the website subject to the consent of teachers respectably.

Will there be other sources for accessing the course materials?

Yes! In addition to the website we also have a closed Facebook group where we will publish lectures, discussions and more!

What should I do if my sound quality on Zoom isn’t good enough?

Make sure to be up to date with the set up instructions to optimise your sound quality. Please view them attached here.

What is the difference between being a passive/active student?

Active students will receive at least 3 lessons whereas passive students are viewers alone. Discussions can be joined by both.

Can I get more than 3 lessons?

Yes! As an active student extra lessons are available at the additional cost of $80 per lesson.

Will I be able to take part in events by teachers other than the ones I choose?

Yes! You are more than welcome to. Certain teachers will provide lectures and discussions open to all.

What should I do if my WiFi/Internet at home is slow?

Please contact and tell us. Make sure to find an appropriate location for your lessons such as your school or conservatoire.

What platform will be used for the masterclasses and lectures?

Zoom will be used for all lessons, group talks, lectures and other meetings. To ensure optimum sound quality we will be using advanced options, that you can set up yourself using these instructions.

What happens if my lesson is cut short because of a technical problem?

In the event that a lesson is cut short for any reason (internet connection, electronic fault, low battery or other), it will be up to the teacher in question to decide for or against rescheduling in full or in part. Refunds will not be provided for lessons cut short/missed due to negligence on the client’s part.

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